Who we are

The Group

The incredible work of the Decebalus Rex was a tribute by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan who created the Dragan Group in 1948, the year in which he founded ButanGas SpA in Italy which from the earliest years knew how to carve out an important role in the GPL industry and still today it is one of the main players in the reference market. Today the Dragan Group has Veroniki Holding as its sole coordination structure, founded in 2010 by Dr. Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan.

Veroniki Holding now has 1340 employees and is present in nine European countries (Italy, Greece, Germany, Romania, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Spain, and France), where it operates through 35 entities, in the following sectors:

  • LPG, the Group’s core business;
  • Renewable energies;
  • Electricity and natural gas;
  • Naval;
  • Real estate;
  • Medical and wellness;
  • Food packaging;
  • Cultural and teaching.